Google’s iron grip on Android, Nonsense

Google’s iron grip on Android, Nonsense

Just a couple examples of the development on the AOSP apps.

Calendar app released on oct27, 2012


Google Music Released on Nov, 2011


All have been developed and improved on AFTER the release of the corresponding google app.  Sure in each instant only a handful of changes were made, but AOSP is supposed to deliver a bareboned but fully functional OS.

Google releasing these apps is good thing for one reason.  The OEM dont use the AOSP apps, they rip them out and use their closed sourced apps that are tethered to the OS and to only their specific devices.  

Google releases their closed sourced apps for free.  They would on any current device and offer a better experience and faster updates than the OEM's could ever fathom.

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Google’s iron grip on Android: Controlling open source by any means necessary
Android is open—except for all the good parts.

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