Thinkup, explore your data

Thinkup, explore your data

Facebook, Twitter and Google+ (and the NSA) know everything about you.  Wouldn't it be nice to have access to all that data in a more meaningful way than an archive zip? 

That's where +ThinkUp comes in.  Founded and maintained by +Anil Dash and +Gina Trapani, It also backups up your social networks and allows you to not only view but gives you insights.  It can tell you if a tweet made your followers happy, if you people like your new profile pic better than the new one, what lists you are on, the popularity of your followers, which post garnered the largest reaction last week, and a lot more.  You can also search your posts.  

The best part of Thinkup is that it is an open sourced project.  The source code is availible on GitHub ( and they have a downloadable file availible for anyone to install on a web server for free (  Its a quick and easy setup process.  I managed to do it in about 30 minutes on my +DreamHost server.  

After installing and letting Thinkup crawl my social networks I was presented with my data.  One thing that I have learned that I have a rather modest following. Its still great to see my tweets from 2 years ago, what my most popular post was, and be able to search my posts.  
Thinkup ( has a public funding sign up to the service that will launch in January 2014.  This service will provide everything you need to simply login and see your data.  No web server knowledge necessary.

Thinkup is a great idea to get more out of all the data you have given to social networks for years.  Its your data, start using it.

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Join ThinkUp
Join ThinkUp and be happy about the time you spend on Twitter and Facebook.

by Luke Olson via

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