A Trojan horse named Chrome

A Trojan horse named Chrome

There has been a lot of talk over the weekend about recent changes to Chrome running in Windows 8.  The changes can functionally make any windows 8 computer into a ChromeOS style computer.  I wasn’t very surprised by this.  Its just the next move in Google’s plan to make it easy for the end user to use the services that a typical chrome user would use, namely Google’s services.

Google doesn’t care what how you access the internet.  It encourages the consumer by providing online services that replace offline programs or current alternatives.  Search was the first offering and provided results unparalleled by any other vender.  Gmail was the next, then maps, news, calendars, reader, docs, Chrome,  Android, buzz, Google+, ChromeOS, and fiber.  Some services flopped and some succeeded but all all had the same goal in mind.  To give the consumers the best tools to easily use the internet and keep them online.  Google services are among the best on the web, mobile and desktop.

The real genius of Google is that their services aren’t tied to a desktop or mobile operating systems.  They simply give you the tools to access the internet and they do it with an “available everywhere” approach.
This “available everywhere” approach could lead to a jumbled mess of half baked and often neglected applications.  Netflix on smart TVs or one of the million streaming boxes is a great example of this.  Google response is Chrome.  Its is available on the majority of platforms, Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, and Android.  It has succeeded, in my mind, because it provides a unified experience across every device.  In addition, it is more secure and faster than other browsers and it updates itself, across all platforms simultaneously, in the background with no interaction.  It’s the same browser no matter the device and no matter where you are.

The features Chrome offers allow developers create web applications that will run on any OS on any kind of a device.  End users can access those web applications and their data without the worry of compatibility or misplaced files.

All of this is accomplished without ever using a login.  Chrome is more than a browser or an OS, its a unified powerful platform.

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