G+ Posts to a community vs Public

First I’m going to shamelessly share this of mine post here.

No i’m going to go into some deep thoughts.  When you post to a community that post lives only in the community.   I’ve tested a few things in an incognito window like trying the direct link, searching for keywords, and looking at the authors profile.  In all instances I could see the post that was only posted to a community.

The one instance where I couldn’t find it was if the author was in a circle of mine, but posted to a community I didn’t belong to.  it didn’t show up in my timeline.  If i didn’t know about it and look for it I would never see it.

I understand the thoughts behind this.  It allows an author to post about a specific topic to a very specific audience.  Where this falls short is if what if I wanna share it with publicly and to a community?

Currently I have to choose.  Public/circles or to one community.  What if i wanna post to 2 communities?  The post I’m sharing is a great example I believe the content would be well received in this community, the one it was originally posted to, and publicly but i had to choose one.  After that choice I have a few options.  I can share my post, which feels kinda self promoting.  I could copy and paste the entire post, which is a lot work that doesn’t need to be done.  I could hope that someone else shares the post, aka blind luck.

None of the options seem like a good “google” solution.

Why can’t I post to multiple communities or publicly and to communities.  The first thing thats comes to mind it it would be a great avenue for spammers.  One post to several communities puts the spam in front of the eyeballs of millions of plusers.

So whats the best solution?

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