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Choice, its a good thing.

I have a thought on why app retention for iOS is so high.   The development tools given to ios App makers are so limited and crippled in what parts of the system they can access and how they can use those resources, leading to lackluster apps.  You don’t even get the option of changing the default program for a defined action.  Case and point Chrome, amazing everywhere else, hamstrung by iOS limitations.

iOS apps hit the ceiling with what they can do very quickly.  No innovation can happen past the 3 or 4th version of an app.  There is no competitiveness between apps over features or speed, its just first one to the finish line of a good UI.  Also in the case of a browser, mail client, launcher, keyboard, etc, iOS users don’t  get a choice.  Click a link in iOS, it will open in safari, never in a browser of your choice.

Android I haven’t even decided on a default launcher. Apex and Nova keep outdoing each other and I switch back and forth.  Both are much better than the default launcher, which is also great, and luckily I have the option of a choice.

If you chose to switch, it doesn’t mean what you are leaving is terrible, it just means that you made a choice

TL;DR Choice is good, iOS apps are crippled