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There are a bunch of posts today about the fact that the Android Marketplace will out pace the AppStore in a couple of months. Who cares? The Vast majority of apps in both marketplaces are sub-standard crap. This debate over who’s is bigger is the wrong way to compare the platforms.

The difference lies in the quality of Apps and more importantly how the device handles app installation and use. Personally I enjoy my Android. The reasons are innumerable. Here are a few of the big ones.

A few days ago, I downloaded an app, found a bug, and emailed the developer. He replied, fixed, and had a new version on Marketplace within an hour.

Want to change the appearance and behavior of your homescreen? Android has 5 amazing apps for that. ‘Nough Said

Android doesn’t even need a Marketplace. I can download a file, save it to my phone, and install it. It’s that simple. I can even backup the apps and installation files, sans store or computer, and that INCLUDES my Angry Birds game save. Even if a app gets pulled from the Marketplace, this method will still work. Suck on that.