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Party: Chuck E Cheese

At the last minute we decided to throw a party for Michaela since we will be traveling on her actual birthday.


Since Michaela and Samantha have nearly the same birthday, they have become birthday buddies for the third year running.


Simple and sweet, we went to Chuck E Cheese.


We invited the local cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. The turnout was spectacular!


The kids were well behaved and bursting with excitement to use tokens, collect tickets, ride rides, and eat pizza and cake. It was two hours of bouncing around and honestly I don’t remember much of it. What I do recall is a lot of smiles and excited giggles. Everyone had a blast!


From both of us, thanks to everyone for making the trip on this cold-as-butts day. You made today amazing!


MotH Blog Logo

Some may have noticed but I recently added a logo to the blog. This logo was made by my internet buddy/graphics ninja Gabe Ochoa.  He worked with me to design MotH Man. IT’S a great representation of how I feel most days.

Thanks buddy!


MotH Man

Skatin’ Fun

On a cold (-5°F) morning we packed up and journeyed to the Bielenberg Center to use their indoor-but-still-cold-as-butts ice rink. It’s Michaela’s first time on skates after the mega-holiday-skating-week at the cabin.

We met up with Rachel, Cece, and Rosie once again. My skating was thwarted due to no rental skates in my size. So, I managed babies in bucket seats, while Andrea and Rachel took the girls on the ice.


Michaela once again amazed me. She managed to walk on her skates by herself while remaining mostly upright. She fell a lot, of course, but she was happy until the very end when the girls decided they need to crawl off the ice.  Quote one of the girls, “This is much easier. Giggle giggle giggle.”


To warm up, we ventured back to the house for hot coffee and our interstate famous, although toned down for the children, chili.

Soccer Shots

As the winter rolls on, Michaela becomes more and more stir crazy so Andrea and I decided to enroll her in Soccer Shots. We even got her a cute pink soccer ball for Christmas.

Today was her first class. She went to sleep last night excited for class and woke up talking about it this morning. She was adorable. After a power breakfast, we got the family dressed, loaded into the van, and made it to class on time.

Michaela is in a class with 4 other kids around her age. She learned dribbling, kicking, and goal scoring celebrations. She did an amazing job in class. She listened to instructions, took turns, and only accidentally knocked over one friend. She is a natural athlete, just like her mother!

Can’t wait for next week.

IMG_0386 IMG_0387

Also, we discovered these. More on that soon.

2015-01-08 09


Field Trip: Children’s Museum

We made a trek to the Minnesota Children’s Museum today and met up with Rachel, Cece, and Rosie.  There was running and playing for all.

Three adults, two toddlers, a stroller child, and one baby bjorn’ed made the way through the majority of exhibits.  We climbed on Clifford the Big Red Dog, walked ran through an ant hill, and even learned about healthy eating.

IMG_2781 IMG_2802 IMG_2764The girls were well behaved and drove a boat together.

Lunch rolled around and we cruised the skyways until we found sandwiches.  To finish the day, the girls serenaded the food court.

Thanks for a great morning Gaetzs Gaetzi Gaetz’s Rachel, Cece, and Rosie!