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Field Trip: State Fair 2016

It’s been an amazing week.  Andrea had a week off and we’ve been all over creation. We returned from a waterpark vacation and had a free day with no plans. We did what any red blooded Minnesotan would do, we packed everyone back up into our trusty van and headed to the local state fair.

After parking in our super-secret-one-block-from-the-fair-grounds parking lot we set off for a day of fun!

We stopped to gear up on with our alma mater before a trip the baby animal barn. The kids were treated to ducklings, lambs, calves, and piglets.




We turned to the full sized animals at the cattle, horse, and swine barns.  We discovered free cheese sticks (perfect timing to avoid mid-morning hangry time), got a impromptu visit from the crowned Princess Kay of the Milky Way, entered a coloring contest, saw the largest boar, and had a couple more close encounters with barnyard animals.


A stop at the Milk booth left the kids reeling

IMG_8592-COLLAGE IMG_8603 IMG_8613

The kids were getting a little stir crazy so we gave them a little bit of excitement. Andrea took a turn as well, complete with flips!


The expressions, totally legit

We found a picnic table ate our lunch and mid-oreo dessert Dominic was asleep. The rest of us found some hula hoops and stopped at the PBS booth for pictures with famous cut-outs.IMG_8628-COLLAGEIMG_8632-COLLAGELittle man woke up and immediately saw some big trucks and NEEDED to get some pictures with themIMG_8650 IMG_8651



After that we stumbled across a parade and finished the outing with rides at the Giant Slide, carousel, and kid-way.IMG_8654-COLLAGEIMG_8678IMG_8695-COLLAGEIn the end, we had a full 6 hours at the fair with a minimum of crabbiness from parent or child.

What a great way to spend a Thursday!