On a cold evening at the end of the year known as 2016 after months of planning, there was a rare gathering of the “College Friends.” It’s a massive gathering that gets bigger with each occurrence. It began with with four college girls and slowly included boyfriends turned husbands and many, many children.

It was a great evening of food, games, child video surveillance, demonstrations of high school dance moves, 90’s hiphop, nerf wars, Star Wars, and general tom-foolery.

Just a few of the children including a great picture of all the boys and great poses by some of the girls.

The one couple shot I got from the evening. Ain’t they cute?

The girls celebrated with colored hair.

Kids’ night finished with a movie and popcorn in the basement. They settled down enough for this picture, then scattered to the far reaches of the basement.

Thanks to Netflix the children celebrated New Year’s at a respectable 10pm. Dancing ensued.

A toast with some fancy sparkling apple juice to welcome the New Year….

…then the real fun started.

We sorta missed the the ball drop but did have a toast at 12:03!

The next morning I made BACON!

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