Its been a whirlwind of Holiday excitement over the last month. Three extended family parties followed with Andrea working over Christmas resulted in a lot of fun and tired kids.

We had my family down during our Community’s Santa Event.  Letters were mailed, Santa was negotiated with, sleighs were ridden, and faces were painted.

Meeting Santa, Dom was not impressed

REINDEER! Both of the kids were super excited to go for a sleigh ride.

Face painting is a favorite activity for Kayla

Dom is ticklish on his cheeks

Andrea had a week off and we cleaned, decorated, prepped, the house and family for the holidays.  We traveled to Macy’s in downtown to amazing 8th Floor holiday display.

singing Christmas trees

Although a little intimidated by the crowd, Dom loved the displays of elves.

The kids really wanted to climb into the displays. This is as far as I let them get

We had to give Santa an update since the last time we saw him

The very next weekend we had the other side of the family down for more food and festivities.

First Time cooking Prime Rib.

The one picture we managed to capture without the kids being total blurs

After weeks of preparing the Christmas Eve had arrived. Andrea worked throughout the weekend, but managed to be home in the evenings and, thanks to a great coworker, was able to spend Christmas morning with us.

Michaela double checked to make sure that everything was in order for Santa

The kids right before bed on Christmas eve. As you can see they weren’t excited at all.

Santa was in and out but left behind a wonderful display

The stocking were stuff as well.

It’s the first time that Dom enjoyed the presents more than the wrapping paper.

Jammin’ to Trolls

An entire city for superheroes

The morning was fun and filled with playing and it didn’t end just because it was nap time

My wife wins the holiday with a set of Trilogy movie posters.

I may have misunderstood the level of puffiness requested in lounge pants


2 thoughts on “Holiday Sprint 2016

  1. Angela

    Adorable pictures!!
    I especially love the part about misunderstanding the puffiness requested in lounge pants! 😉


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