The year is ending and there is a multitude of food to eat.  Due to work schedules we kept Thanksgiving local this year.  I flexed my culinary muscle and warmed up ham, which ended up completely non-photogenic.  Also on the menu, and much more photogenic, sliced up baked potatoes, stuffing, and apple pie.

We invited over the local in-laws to enjoy the food,football games and parade.  After dinner, the children enjoyed a dance party and retired to the basement for a nice quiet evening movie. The adults enjoyed a civil game of Cards against Humanity, the official game of family get-togethers everywhere.






Check out my beautiful buns.


Not everything turned out perfectly…

I made PIE!

I made PIE!

Dom in perfect holiday form. Wearing sweatpants seeing what we have to eat.

Dom in perfect holiday form. Wearing sweatpants seeing what we have to eat.


First, I’m thankful for this woman.  She is the most amazing mother, hardest worker, and best friend that I could ask for.  Everything that I do on a daily basis is because of her.


If Andrea is number 1, these two come in at number 1 and number 1. I couldn’t ask for better kids. They’ve accomplished so much this year.  Dominic is potty trained, talking up a storm, and climbing anything he can reach. Michaela underwent a surgery to untether her spinal cord. Not only did she handle the hospital stay like a champ, but her at-home-recovery consisted completely of making her sit still rather than trying to get her out of bed. These two are going to be such an adventure.

A few other things that I’m thankful for:

Friends. I’m lucky enough to have my good friends from high school, college, and various work places. Whether its hanging out, going to a movie, needing an emergency baby sitter, or needing to get Vimec out of another mess that he’s gotten himself into, its great to have friends to call on.

Our house. After a long search last year we found an amazing house in an amazing neighborhood, with amazing neighbors, amazing parks, and a pool/splash pad within walking distance.

On a purely technical point, I’m thankful for the blogs new domain. (Even though transferring was a vicious pain). If you’re reading this you’re already in the right place. Here’s to three less letters!


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