Michaela’s First Slumber Party

For months Michaela has been asking to have her cousin Cece over for a slumber party.  The stars aligned and Michaela had her first sleepover party this weekend.

Loud music was played, popcorn was everywhere, giggling was common place, and the fun lasted into the wee hours of the morning.

The party would be incomplete without a few memorable quotes by the girls.

DanceParty! Popcorn Party! This is the best time!


Bacon is my love!

Dominic did his best to keep up with the girls but hit a wall and went to bed hours before them.

Carmel popcorn, a staple of the slumber party

Carmel popcorn, a staple of the slumber party


Dom enjoying the party

Party winding down

Party winding down, the giggling just getting started

Early morning chat

Early morning chat





Dom, recovering the morning after

Dom recovering.

A big thanks to Cece for being a great guest.  For more amazing quotes and adventures of Cece check out her mom’s blog at  http://glasshalffullness.blogspot.com

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