Skatin’ Fun

On a cold (-5°F) morning we packed up and journeyed to the Bielenberg Center to use their indoor-but-still-cold-as-butts ice rink. It’s Michaela’s first time on skates after the mega-holiday-skating-week at the cabin.

We met up with Rachel, Cece, and Rosie once again. My skating was thwarted due to no rental skates in my size. So, I managed babies in bucket seats, while Andrea and Rachel took the girls on the ice.


Michaela once again amazed me. She managed to walk on her skates by herself while remaining mostly upright. She fell a lot, of course, but she was happy until the very end when the girls decided they need to crawl off the ice.  Quote one of the girls, “This is much easier. Giggle giggle giggle.”


To warm up, we ventured back to the house for hot coffee and our interstate famous, although toned down for the children, chili.

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