The year in review:2014

2014 was a memorable year for the Olson clan. At the beginning of the year we were a family of three living in Wisconsin, Andrea and I both worked full-time, and Michaela was a full time daycare girl. Twelve months later, we have grown to four members, moved to Minnesota, Andrea started a new job and is on maternity leave, I’m a stay at home dad, and Michaela does part time pre-school.

The first months of the year Andrea spent going to interviews across five States. I received my a promotion to Senior Scientist at the lab. Michaela turned two and she found out that she was going to be a big sister.

At the end of May, Andrea accepted a job back in the GREATEST STATE THERE IS, Minnesota. It was our return home after three years in Madison. We were leaving good friends, our lovely duplex, and my job. On the flip side we were moving closer to family and old friends.



We spent July relaxing, finding our current home, and preparing for a radical shift in our day to day lives. Andrea starting her first job and I was going to be The Man of the House.

August started and so did our new roles. To tell the truth I was terrified of being home all day alone with Michaela. The first few weeks were rocky, but nothing like I had feared. We quickly developed a routine, collected various activities and locations that we could draw upon to fill the void while Andrea was away at work. Michaela goes to preschool twice a week. Two amazing mornings that give me time to clean the house, get groceries, run errands and every once and a while get some gaming done.


Michaela is almost three now and has grown up so much this year. After school we talk about her day, her friends, and then she asks if she has to nap. Aside from the great no nap scare of late August and the occasional exciting day, Michaela still takes regular naps everyday. She asks if she can play with her cousin’s constantly, luckily we get to spend plenty of time with them.

In 2014 Dominic went from idea, to fetus, to newborn. We welcomed Dominic Luke Olson to the family in October. We are lucky that Andrea has gotten three months off for maternity leave. Michaela and I were ecstatic to have her home and excited to show her our routine. Dominic was more than happy to join in. He’s a great baby. He loves to smile at Andrea, Michaela, and me. As long as he is fed and clean he couldn’t be more content. He has even started sleeping 3-4 hours stretches at night.


We are all looking forward to 2015. It will bring more challenges, experiences, and happiness. While I still have the same fear about staying home with TWO children, its more subdued.

Here’s to the future.

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