Defining “Secure”

Defining "Secure"

I've learned that the term "Secure" means a lot of different things to people.

My post took the stance of it was exposed to malware via the open-garden (not open source) nature of app installation.  For example, if you find an apk on a random website, you can install it with very little effort. 

Several people took the stance of "secure" meaning the ability to shield your private data and location from a third party.  The NSA was named several times.

An additional group took it as low-level OS vulnerabilities, bugs in the underlying code that in the hands of a hacker, could give unrestricted access to your device.  

Finally, a group looked at "secure" as the use of App permissions.  They pointed out that a rogue app could have a permissions to send personal data such as location, UUID, access to text messages, etc back to the developer.  A flashlight app being a prime target, +Michael Kessler wrote about it here

One thing that is really clear, there is a lot of opinions out there and people want to discuss them.  To have these conversations, though, we need to define what it is we are talking about and, more importantly, what we are not talking about.  

The vagueness of the term secure allowed several good point and counter-points discussions, but it also allowed people to make point which I believed had nothing to do with my current train of thought.  it made things messy.

I wasn't as clear as I would like to have been, but the experience has taught me that an effort to clearly define the subject matter of a post should be a top priority.  


Don’t believe the “Android is not secure” hype The vast majority of mobile…
Don’t believe the “Android is not secure” hype

The vast majority of mobile malware is written for +Android. Thats a fact.  Its a side effect of the… – Luke Olson – Google+


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