Tools to use share Google+ content.

Tools to use share Google+ content.

+Mike Elgan was kind enough to share how he uses and distributes his google+ content to other networks, so I thought
I would share my solution as well.  

First I get a RSS feed of my public and community posts via which is managed by +Fabien Baligand.  Its a simple open source service and Fabien has taken added one thing I really wanted just recently.  The first line in your Google+ post is defined as the Title in the RSS feed.  

Once I have my RSS feed I go over to and setup a facebook , twitter , and wordpress recipes.    

I have the twitter and facebook recipe posts the RSS entry title and a linkback to Google+, and the wordpress posts the RSS entry title and the entry content (with pictures!) as well a a link back. 

Its takes about 20-30 minutes to have everything process but it works well.

I'll put all the links in this post when they go through so you can see how this post looks on all the platforms.

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