Google+, taking over the social world

Google+, taking over the social world

I'm listening to Twig 218 ( and +Mike Elgan is talking about the awesome-ness that is google+.  The panel has discussed what is going to drive people to use google+ over another network like facebook or twitter and I'd like to share a recent experience to demonstrate the shifting tides.

My daycare has always sent pictures of my daughter to us via email.  this had its ups and downs.  They were limited in the amount of images and usually sent low res. They knew exactly who was getting the images, which was the biggest concern.  

Then a couple weeks ago, I got an email saying they will be sharing school photos on Google+.  The reasons for the changes were:

In many ways Google+ is very similar to Facebook, however it is designed to maintain the privacy of your personal information in a way that Facebook is not. G+ also allows users to customize the visibility of each and every post, document and photo shared.  G+ will allow BCLC to expand the information available to parents online including forms, snack menus, videos and more.  G+ has outstanding photo quality with the ability for parents to download photos that have been shared with them from the site.

Later that day a spread of photos showed up in my feed.  The previous emails had ~8 low res photos, the post had 102 high res photos.  

I thought my daycare progressive and unique for using Google+.   I was wrong.  Later that week a coworker (not a gmail user) called me over to look at a picture of her child at daycare, shared to her via Google+.  

The juggernaut is moving.

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