Chromecast solves an age old problem

Ever since the “lean in” experience began with online videos someone has been looking for a way to turn it into the old “lean-back” experience of the television.  Many have tried webTV, XBMC, Windows Media Center, Apple TV, Xbox, Playstation and all have been met lukewarm receptions.

The main flaw in all the current solutions to convert “lean-in” to “lean-back” is complexity.  All the current solution are basically a box run some version of an OS which needs to be navigated via remotes, controllers, motion, or other devices that are slow, cumbersome, goofy, and easily misplaced.  They try and recreate the lean in discovery experience on the larger screen.  This is a mistake.  Its adding a layer that doesn’t need to exist.  You already have a an expensive, sophisticated device which you know how to use, why do you need another?

Chromecast eliminates the pain.  There is nothing to be navigated, turned on, or switched so there is no need for a remote.  Just find your content via your normal lean-in way and hit a button.  BOOM, now lean back and enjoy.  No UI to navigate, no controls to learn, no voice commands needed, and no pain.

Icing on the cake. First  the price.  Even without the 3-month netfllix offer $35 is a steal.  One can easliy outfit his home for under the cost of one Apple TV.

Second, its silent.  I’ve been annoyed at how loud my xbox is during a netflix movie, now I don’t even notice.

Third, portability.  Have a large screen at work?  Netflix during lunch?  why not?

Fourth, OPEN SDK.  Less than 200 lines of code and an app is enabled for chromecast, google provides the code.

Fifth, you can view your content socially, with other people.  If you have to ask why someone would want this you need to go outside.

Sixth, it works with any device.  I’ve handed control off to a Chrome Browser to an Android phone, to an iPad mini, back to the Android phone without issue.

Seventh, Roaming.  Started a movie in the living room but you’re tired.  Two taps and its playing in the bedroom, no rewinding, scanning, or transferring necessary.

Finally, once you’ve set it up, you don’t even know its there.  There is no box to look at, no remote to lose, no fans to hear.  Its virtually invisible.

Do you self a favor and order one today.

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