Day 71 (con’t)

Day 71 (con’t) 

I watched the three walk around there house till after sunset. The house is just stacked dirt with open air windows and sheet of wood across a doorway. It had been built in the middle of the clearing without any thought of defense. Large craters that were indicative of the exploding creatures lined the clearing and parts of the house. wood and stone was piled haphazardly around the camp. A large fire pit had been dug. After dark they lit torches. Light poured through the cracks in the walls and would blind anyone to the happens outside of the house. These people had no idea of the dangers in this world.

I turned to return to the boat. On my way back I noticed all the trees they had cut or pushed over for fires. The trees were removed more by blunt force injury from stone tools or even hands than the clean cuts or iron or slicing of diamond.

Their mine shaft was dug straight down for the first 10 meters. It appeared that they had piled dirt and stone to create an afterthought stairway. Broken tools, all wood and stone, lay in a discarded pile next to a tree stump.

I returned to the boat and gathered all my belongings on the shore, took the boat into deeper water, and sunk it. I swam back to the shore gathered my things and made my way back to The Bunker.

I returned and all of the lights were out in the house. The doorway for the Bunker was on the other side of the clearing but still in full view of the house. I had built the Bunker to blend into the mountain and its entrance is easy to miss if you don’t know its there.

I walked back into the forest and made my way around to a point in the mountain where the forest grew up to the rock. I spent a few minutes in the dark looking but I found it. A large loose stone and pushed it to the side and revealed a pathway. I crawled inside and replaced the stone followed by more stones until I was sure that no one could possibly accidental find the backdoor. I lit the torches that lined the walls as I went. The narrow cave opened into a larger room and upon locating another stone door it opened to The Bunker.

I drew my sword and stepped into my home. There were only silence, dust, and darkness. It was immediately apparent that no one had been here since my departure. I moved to the front door and piled stone outside of it and sealed the opening. Now they would never find the The Bunker.

I returned to my bedroom and crawled into the warm covers and the soft mattress, glad to be home at last.

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