Day 66

Day 66 I woke this morning and quickly ate the remaining pork and crafted a new Ax. I put on my armor and sheathed my sword. Both items were dinged and pitted, but I’d rather use them than my fists. Lastly I strapped my trusty pickaxe to my back. I set out.

Halfway through the day I had made a semicircle around the beacon. Nothing looks familiar, no sign of my bunker. I did happen to find a cave and replenished my supply of coal and even found a rich vane of Iron. I might have enough to replace my armor.

On my way back to the valley I happened across a flock of wild sheep and helped myself to their wool. The sheep may be cold tonight, but I will sleep well for the first time in days.

I gathered more wood for the evening fire hoping to find another pig for supper but I would not be that lucky tonight.

Returning to the hovel I packed my new found materials away. Then I noticed The Ledger on on top on the crafting table. I had not left it there. I grabbed my sword and rushed outside. There was no one to be found. I double checked my supplies and everything was accounted for.

I spent the last few hours of the day fortifying the hovel. I piled more dirt to blend it into the hillside. I obscured the door from sight with dirt and stone. And finally I dug a crude trap at the entrance.

Exhausted and hungry I crafted a crude bed from the wool I had collected and collapsed into it.

Day 67 I looked at The Ledger, untouched from yesterday. The page that it was open to can get me back to the bunker.

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