Day 65

Day 65 I woke in my small hovel at day break.  The night before I had made the decision to stay at my hovel, making it my base of operations, until I find the Bunker.  The priorities  are clear at the moment, wood, food, then searching.

There are plenty of trees around so I begin to clear them with a crude stone Ax that I crafted last night.  On the third tree a wild pig appeared from the forest.  I carefully moved over to it and dispatched him with the my ax, which promptly broke.  

I placed the meat in my furnace to cook and ventured out.   I climbed the hill I tumbled down yesterday and with calmer eyes scanned the horizon.  Nothing seemed familiar.  It didn’t surprise me as I had built the bunker to blend into the landscape, to both avoid any opportunistic bandits stumbling across it and ransacking it and for ease of building.

On the hilltop I built a tall pillar of stone with torches on top.  I should be able to see this beacon while searching for the bunker. Hopefully it will keep me from getting further lost.

Once that was completed the sun had begun to set.  I retreated to the hovel and feasted on freshly cooked pork.

Tomorrow the search for the bunker is on.

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