From the Jornal of Ryft Starr (Day 64)

Day 64   I spent the night listening to the scratching and moaning of the zombies outside of my tomb structure as they tried to break though the wall.  At some point during the night they seemed to forget about me but continued to wander near by.  The inhuman moans were a constant companion throughout the night. Then the moans became wails.  The sudden noise startled me out of a haze of exhaustion, by the time I stood there was only silence.  I broke a small hole to look outside, I saw that the sun had risen.  The zombies, that last night I had run from and feared, were nothing more than burnt bodies on the ground.  I left the safety of my cave glad that I could leave.

I avoided the burnt bodies and headed back to the coast, hoping to find my way back to the Bunker.  When I arrived i found a large sandy beach not the swamping bog I had left to explore the cave.  I looked up and down the coast for any sign of the swamp.  When I could not find one I turned inland and started to walk, hoping that the swamp was nearby.  I wandered for hours.

The sun had just switched from climbing in the sky to falling when I he reached the peak of a large hill.  I had climbed it in hope I could see the Bunker, the swamp, or even the cave where I had spent  last night.  All I could see was a forest.  I was lost.

I panicked.  Racing down the hill I stumbled and fell, cart wheeling to the bottom of a valley.  I wasn’t thinking I just got up and ran into the trees.  Then it got darker.  Suddenly I heard the tell-tale moan of a zombie.  Surely the sun could not have set already.  It hit me from the left, my armor clanged and my arm stung.  I turned and ran without looking back.  I ran until the forest opened onto a small meadow, the zombie was nowhere to be seen, and the sun was still up.  I had a scant few hours before it would set.

In that moment, I calmed down.  The first page of The Ledger appeared from my memory of the first night in this world.  It simply said,

Shelter, Light, Food, Craft, Survive

It was a list of priorities   A list that, in the last two months I thought didn’t apply to me anymore.  It still applied. Until I find a way home I must remember how important those five words are.

I built a small shelter, nothing fancy just four piles of dirt and stone with some wooden planks for a roof.

I huddled in my shelter as the sun set and had a measly meal with the last of my bread and pork.  While I wait for the safety of morning I have crafted a furnace and began work on my armor.  It had saved my life against the zombies but now was in serious need of repair.

Perhaps tomorrow will be better.

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