From the Jornal of Ryft Starr (part 2)

Day 61  I’ve decided to explore.  I have spent the day preparing for an extended journey of this strange land.  I have packed light.  My crafting materials will consist of only wood and coal, my tools only my enchanted pickaxe and a simple shovel.  I have crafted two new iron swords and a full set an iron armor. I don’t intend to run into trouble, but its better to be prepared then to be left wanting.  I hope to collect samples of materials that The Ledger speaks of, materials I have not seen around the Bunker.  I have doused my furnaces and hidden my valuable material in a concealed place.  I hope that the Tomorrow I set out.

Day 63 I have set out My plan was to stick to the coast, but a large surface cave in a nearby mountain was to enticing to pass up.  It took hours to explore and collect all the iron and coal that were exposed.  I emerged on the other side of the mountain to darkness and was unprepared to face the horrific monsters that come with night.  I fought them while retreating to the cave where I built a crude stone shelter.  It’s not much, but its enough to keep me safe.  My food is almost gone. In my planing I overlooked the need for a bed.  I cannot sleep.   I am not as prepared as I thought I was.  The Ledger says the monsters will be gone at day break, burnt by the rising sun.  My hope is that it remains as reliable as it has in the past otherwise I will never make it out of this stone tomb I have made for myself.  I must get back to the safety of the Bunker as soon as I can.  


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