The Final Frontier

I have always been a person who likes to tinker with my computer.  I also have a huge love of open sourced, free software, and taking customization to a crazy level. To that end I have always had an itch to have Linux on my desktop as my primary OS.  In the past my drive has been pushed aside by the need for very specific programs, gaming, and other hardware constraints.

The first hurdle, and largest, has been my need for very specific programs on a desktop.  Top of this list was iTunes.  I have owned iPods and iPhones in the past but with my move to Android all the functionality of iTunes is now contained on the device.  Cross this requirement off the list.  After iTunes was a long list of media editors, notifications programs, media streaming, and a few odds and ends.  Most if not all of these concerns have been solved by Google Chrome and the awesomeness of HTML5.  Chrome has a linux version.  I can still stream video to Xboxes around the house with a simple application uShare.  Its old and no longer developed but it works so no big deal.

Speaking of Xbox aside from minecraft (for now) I don’t touch my desktop for gaming anymore.

Finally hardware constraints have mostly been my wireless card from 2002.  It died not to long ago and I was replaced with a D-link DWA-556, which usings the ath9k driver and from what I have read will work out of the box on a Ubuntu 11.10 install.  The last bit to fall into place was support for my printer from 2003.  This one is a toss up.  It no longer works under Windows 7.  So I am left without a printer regardless of OS choice.

So over the next week or so I will have my desktop up and running.  Michaela and Andrea will of course come first, then work, then sleep, and then Michaela and Andrea again, then the dog, then laundry, but after that will be this project.  I’m looking forward to expanding my mind through new experiences.

Oh yeah and I will be able to build Android from source.  Bonus!

1 thought on “The Final Frontier

  1. Aaron

    Right on, man. I had a blast setting up a lightweight Linux distro on an old laptop that was too sluggish for Windows. It ran like a cheetah, and I found analogues to all of the Windows programs I could possibly have wanted.

    Even the gaming “problem” is getting less and less so as time goes on. The indie scene in particular is showing lots of love to Linux.

    I think it’s way too “tinkery” for the layperson, but knowing you, you’re gonna love it.


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