Post once and you’re done

UPDATE: The original RSS feed mentioned in Lifehacker has been shut down. can replace it.  I use “description only” in twitterfeed.  It works but its not the greatest.

With the advent of google+ I had to redo how I am posting across my social networks.  I thought I would share my process.   This method will take all your public posts and repost them on Twitter with shorted links through and facebook.  Picture will post correctly for each network.  All of this done without extensions.

First off get the RSS feed for Google+.  I learned this handy trick from Lifehacker this morning.  Then all you do is sign up at and point you new RSS feed to twitter and facebook.  The site uses oAuth which i love, but updates every 30 minutes which I don’t.

Then all you have to do is post once on Google+ and less than 30 minutes later  it posts to the other networks.  Its a nice bridge until all your friends get on Google+.

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